Welcome to Crystal Path

** This is our new website and we are under construction, working hard behind the scenes to get everything set up. Please bear with us and pop back soon.**

Crystal Path is a caring and friendly family run business.

Remenber how that digital photograph just didn't look professional? Well now we have a solution, we will take the photograph for you!

Everything in one place, bringing all our different projects together.

Interested in angels or tarot decks, oracles or I Chings? We  stock various items that will engage that exciting enthusiasm.

Keep popping back as we are updating the website daily.

If there is something you are looking for then please ask, we are friendly and polite and will most probably be able to help or know who can.

Specialising in many areas including hand picked crystals and semi-precious gemstone and silver jewellery that is hand made in Cornwall.

Offering a bespoke jewellery designing service and can work with you to create the jewellery that you want to wear and keep.

Using crystals to help everyone on their very own crystal path - working towards a happier and calmer way of life enhanced by the gentle use of beautiful crystals.

Look around our pages and find out more about the world of crystals as well as discovering more about our readings and perhaps take a workshop to increase your learning potential or find out how to read Tarot or Oracle cards.

So why not just take a walk in the grass and rest awhile..